Journey into Freedom

Oneness Partner Course (OPC)

“Journey into Freedom” is a compelling program of transformation and discovery. Move into a state of well-being that generates a powerful shift in consciousness where you receive deeper spiritual growth,  experience joy in your relationships, effortlessly access creativity, abundance and ever evolving success, all according to each individual’s unique desires and circumstances.

The course ”Journey into Freedom” is also called ”Oneness Partner Course” as it ushers us in as a Partner with the Phenomenon of Oneness, where together we can help this world be a better place.

Who it is for

It is for those of you who are already successful in life and have the desire to grow very rapidly into an ever-evolving abundant, successful and peaceful life. Those attracted to this course usually also have a deep-seated yearning to help make this world a better place, both for ourselves and for future generations. In this course we discover how to move very powerfully into freedom and to start living a joyous, harmonious life free of suffering.

The incredible inner shift that occurs in this course automatically affects everyone and everything in the outer world.  “Journey into Freedom” dissolves those obstacles which are limiting us to live our full potential. Whatever we are striving for will no longer seem unreachable. Challenges in relationships, career, finance or other areas resolve step by step, as if by magic.

What is on offer

Journey into Freedom” is being offered three times a year.
This course …

  • moves you from feeling stuck to enjoying life
  • initiates a journey, it is the beginning of a sequence of courses you can take with ongoing support
  • prepares you to unleash the highest creative potential
  • offers precious opportunities to interact with the founders of Oneness University, Sri Bhagavan/Sri Amma either physically or online

This course is a unique combination of unique Oneness teachings, meditations and processes that help one to move towards freedom. The process helps one overcome hurts and discover love in relationships. It is not only setting right of human relationships, but also discovering a greater bond and connection with one’s Higher Self.

Oneness invites all those who seek to experience this liberation. For, this is an age of discovery and direct experience.

“Journey into Freedom” is a sequence of consecutive courses. It is mandatory to start with OPC 1.

Following you find the next dates for OPC 1 and OPC 2.

Hint:  Both courses are exclusively for new participants who never attended OPC before.

All dates include arrival and departure dates.

  • OPC 1 – September 27th to October 3rd 2017
  • OPC 2 – October 5th to 11th 2017



” My dear friends, many of you asked me to reach after I finished my OPC 4 to give you my experience, well I’m here in the taxi on my road back to Chennai and thought this is probably the best forum to share.

It feels really strange leaving Oneness after one month and first time ever, has been a great marathon as Kumar Ji described, one full of all possible emotions, I’ll miss everything, even the food…feel I became vegan by now.!

If OPC 123 was an amazing experience I can tell you OPC 4 is beyond imagination..! , really incredible…I have been a slave of my mind all my life to the point that after great frustration at some point during the process my mind came to the conclusion that I’m my mind and nothing else but my mind, and I needed to stay with the what is…of course with all the customary suffer and pain related to such a great conclusion full of wisdom and no conflict which only the mind can produce….but…after being in OPC 4 and start seeing the workings of the mind, I can only tell you that I’m in peace in this taxi looking forward to live a different life with a completely new perspective, experiencing this was a life changing event for me and pray for my divine to help me to see more and more of this, is a quantum step in the journey.

The only hints I can give you is be ready for waking up early.!! No more 7:30 AM in the journey to freedom, that’s over.! and there are a new type of teachings that Kumar Ji referred as bazookas or torpedoes which to me are more like transcontinental missiles..!

My gratitude to Shi AmmaBhagavan for their love, generosity and for making Oneness possible, to Kumar Ji, Uma Ji and all the guides for their love and dedication day after day and all the people at Oneness who takes care of us.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, with much love from India, Carlos, USA

Sharing from Howard Cesar

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