Source & Synchronicities

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O&O Academy

Oneness founded by Sri AmmaBhagavan and One World Academy founded by Krishaji and Preethaji have come together as this magnificent school for the transformation of human consciousness.
It is the grand unification of the Power of Source with the Power of Consciousness.

Oneness University

Oneness University is a spiritual center of excellence, open to all, irrespective of faith, culture, beliefs or background. It is dedicated to awakening humanity, taking individuals to higher states of consciousness and returning them to their natural state of being: one of connectedness and the freedom and joy of truly living. The Oneness University is assisting with the creation of a new generation of human beings, with a new outlook on life, and new way of being.

Oneness Phenomenon

The Oneness Phenomenon is neither a religion nor a creed. It is simply a path to oneness. It is a path of inner discovery, awakening, and inner transformation: one where the heart is opened; where there is an evolving sense of awareness; where there is a deep sense of connectedness with oneself, with others, with the natural world, with all that is; where one is able to perceive reality as it is without the conditioned filters, unconscious patterns and incessant interpretations of the mind; where there is an evolution in consciousness; where ultimately one’s experience of life is redefined to the core. When people awaken to their true self, they are finally living as opposed to merely existing. These shifts in consciousness manifest as change in all spheres of life: relationships are harmonized, vibrant health is restored, goals and challenges are met with equal measure, professional success is established, financial abundance is achieved, and life is deeply satisfying and just flows. With this shift in consciousness and quality of life, people often find themselves spontaneously impacting the lives of those around them. At the global level, this shift is facilitating a transition into the Golden Age.

Oneness Blessing/Deeksha

The Founders of the Oneness University, Sri AmmaBhagavan, world renowned visionaries, brought in the special Oneness Blessing Phenomenon in southern India.
The Oneness Blessing or Deeksha is a powerful transfer of energy. The purpose of this unique and special Blessing is to awaken us, over time to the permanent experience of oneness, the fundamental unity of the all that is. It is a catalyst for a neurobiological shift in the brain, and is said to deactivate the parietal lobes in the brain, responsible for the ‘flight and fight’, and activate the frontal lobe. This change in brain function promotes experiences of joy, love and connection to all, and diminishes the feeling of separation. It is instrumental in bringing about growth in consciousness.